• zïd posted an update 2 weeks, 2 days ago


    The stage is set.. The hearts pumped up..🔥
    The fuel that sparks the beast…🔥🔥
    Shall flow through your veins.. 🔥🔥
    The folks shall hear the roar.. 🔥
    Of countless wheels that shake the road.. 🛣
    The city shall gape when Cult goes on road..🏍🚩
    #thebeastsshallreign .

    The Euphoria has already risen.. The minds united and spirits heightened for yet another scintillating extravaganza..❤ for yet another Cult season…. 🥂

    Its time for reignite the spark.. for we’re back with Cult a Way 2K19..!🔥🔥

    This year.. we’re here to make it even bigger.. 🚩🚩The crankheads of our college unite together for a charity ride from our College to Kovalam on 4th of April…🏍🚩
    Time : 4:45pm from College

    We invite each and every one of those bravehearts of our college to join part in this venture.. 🔥Let the city hear the thunder of the collective riders..🏍
    Pack your safety gears…⚙ Buckle up your helmet..⛑
    Gear up.. and be there.. for its history in the making..🔥🔥